Our first online retreat...

Waking Up In Challenging Times

The Deep Awake retreat in Japan has been postponed, so we are offering our first ever 4 day online retreat!
In these times of rapid transformation, you are invited to come together with other awakening souls to bring about a profound positive shift of perspective in your life and our world.

April 21st: Taster session for those considering doing the retreat:
Japan Time: 20.00-21.30
UK Time: 12.00-13.30

April 23rd - 26th: 4 day retreat:
Japan Time: 14:00-17:00 and 19:30-21:30
UK Time: 06.00-09.00 and 11.30-13.30

In English with Japanese translation.
All sessions will be recorded so that you will be able to review later​.

This will be an experiential retreat during which I will lead deep connection practises, including the first ever online Deep Awake Immersion.

I will also be exploring ground-breaking new ways of understanding the nature of life and how we can make the next evolutionary jump.

My wife Debbie will be helping you wake up the body through powerful embodied meditations and relaxing self-massage.



Love & Wisdom

We need to meet the challenges of life with love and wisdom ... an open heart and deep understanding.

When unforeseen crises come and we feel lost and frightened, it requires us to love more and think clearer. We need to evolve to meet the new situation and in so doing we become new ourselves.

Dan's Experience

“I had the opportunity to be a part of Tim's 7 week online course ... It was wonderful! It wasn't in person physically, but it really didn't matter because we could connect soul to soul still... It almost felt more amazing because Tim could share his big ideas and I could still experience a shift in my state of being even though we were not together...

One of the great benefits was that I could access a recording of the sessions afterwards, and if I missed a session I could still review it later. I couldn't recommend it more. If face to face isn't available this is definitely the next best thing!"

Booking Details

Intro session: 3,500 JPY / 15 GBP
(free for retreat participants)

Retreat: 78,000 JPY / 580 GBP

Please contact Reiko for further information and to make a booking: info@timfreke.jp

In cases of financial hardship we have a sliding scale of charges, so please discuss with Reiko. We don't want anyone to be turned away.

To find out what happens at the Deep Awakening retreats, check out this video, now with Japanese subtitles!

The invitation for the Deep Awakening life(8m 02s)


Tim can help you experience a ‘deep awakening’ for yourself … and that changes everything! He explains “It feels like being immersed in limitless love with a wonderful sense of connection with everyone and everything, and it leads to a genuine faith in the essential goodness of existence. Once you experience it, you’ll never forget it.”

Listen to Tim read the first chapter of his audiobook Deep Awake(8m 02s)


Tim has been exploring spirituality since a spontaneous awakening aged 12. He is the author of 35 books translated into more than 15 languages, including a Sunday Times bestseller and Daily Telegraph 'Book of the Year'. Tim is a spiritual guide not a guru, who wants to personally connect with you to explore the depths of this bittersweet experience of life.

Watch Tim talk about the most important experience of his life (9m 57s)


For 20 years Tim has been pioneering ‘Gazing Meditation’ and other ‘Deep Connection ‘practises as natural ways to awaken. During the retreat, he will create a safe space in which you can experience how beautiful, transformative and deeply moving these practises are.


Tim is internationally respected as an original thinker who shares life-changing ideas with clarity and humour. He will explore a new understanding of the evolving cosmos, the nature of death and the purpose of existence, which unites science and spirituality. He teaches that we are presently undergoing an evolutionary leap from ‘individuals’ into ‘unividuals’ (individuals who experience oneness with the universe).

Watch Tim’s inspiring talk at TEDx Berkeley(18m 35s)