April 18th - 21st, 2019

When I was young, I always wanted to visit Japan, and I have been fortunate enough to visit this wonderful country several times as an adult

So I am very excited to be returning again to run a Deep Awakening retreat this year

I am also delighted that my retreat in Japan this year is at Easter
My bestselling book The Jesus Mysteries was a study of the deep meaning of Christina mythology within which Easter is very important

This is when Jesus Christ comes back from the dead
The ‘Christ’ represents the Deep Self in all of us, which is also called the ‘Atman’ or the ‘Buddha-nature’

Easter symbolises the Deep Self awakening, like life returns in the spring. So what better time to come together on a retreat to awaken our deepest nature and to feel the hope of rebirth

To find out what happens at the Deep Awakening retreats, check out this video, now with Japanese subtitles!

The invitation for the Deep Awakening life(8m 02s)

Experience the deep awake state and feel the big love

Explore a new understanding of the evolving cosmos, the nature of death and the purpose of your life

the 'deep awakening' is a life-changing retreat, during which TIM teaches his human-centred approach to awakening, and explores his visionary new understanding of reality

TIM creates a safe and playful environment in which he leads powerful 'soul-to-soul’ meditations, including a deeply moving collective eye-gazing ceremony, during which the vast majority of people spontaneously become deep awake

TIM is a master of both opening the heart and lighting up the mind

with his trademark lucidity and humour, he shares profound ideas about time, evolution, soul, death and purpose, to help us really make the most of the adventure of life

participants return home feeling conscious, connected and ready to make the most of the human adventure, having shared a wonderful adventure with amazing new friends

  • The cost for tuition is 110, 600 JPY
  • Room prices start at 36,000 JPY
    (All prices include tax)

Please contact Robin and Reiko for further information, advice on traveling to the centre and to make a booking: info@timfreke.jp

Some testimonials

"Tim is the most conscious and sincere person I have ever met. It is truly amazing." ~ Sue

"Tim is a surprisingly well-informed person who explains the most complicated problem most simply. Moreover, full of love, wisdom, creativity and humor." ~ Ginnie

"It is very difficult to communicate experiences with retreats in words. When trying to tell it, it all melts to this excitement." ~ Kristina

"It can be said that this weekend was the best weekend in my life. I am looking forward to bringing back what I gained from retreat to my family and my life. Because I was re-born." ~ Tod

Sitting in that space in the First Unitarian Church in Dallas, Texas almost 15 years ago, I never imagined I would meet a man who would be instrumental in changing my perspective on Life, Death and everything In Between! I came to hear this interesting-looking fellow talk about something called “The Jesus Mysteries.”

He was dynamic, funny and fully present with the audience. He invited us to a workshop he was giving that very weekend. I went and never looked back!

I have attended at least 6 weekend workshops with Tim over the years in Dallas, Kansas City, Las Vegas, the Netherlands and England. I evolved, gained more and deeper understanding of myself and my true nature with each one. Tim has become a friend, a mentor, a truly humble and accessible person unlike any I’ve ever known.

Tim is not a self-proclaimed “guru” but has only jokingly given himself the name of “Stand Up Philosopher.” He shows us how Life is not an “Either-Or” decision but includes “Both-And.” He has developed a totally comfortable way to connect with ourselves and with one another in a joyful experience of being Deeply Awake.

Tim has written many books, some New York Times Best Sellers and his humor emanates from these. The most recent of these is “Soul Story.” But to truly be immersed in this mind and soul opening work, it needs to be experienced in person.

I was terribly disappointed when I was unable to attend Tim’s New Year Retreat in December 2018 as I had moved to Thailand, too far away to get back to England at that time of year. It sounded as though future retreats were not going to happen so frequently as Tim has been working at evolving his work even further (which I believe we’ll be hearing about in Japan.)

But then something quite wonderful happened. Tim told me that he would be in Japan in April. Wow! Not so far away! And to be there during the glorious Spring!
I so encourage anyone who is able to come to his 4-day weekend in Japan. It is an immense gift to give for yourself and those with whom you will come in contact for the rest of your life.

As an American commercial used to say, “It’s indescribably delicious!”


the deep awakening brings together men and woman of all ages and backgrounds
some participants are long-time spiritual explorers and others are new to the possibility of awakening
the youngest participant has been 13 years old and our oldest 87 years old
some participants come because they are going through a challenging time and others because life is expanding positively
some are attracted by TIM’s deep ideas and others by his big heart
Tim has brought his deep awake teachings and practises to radically different cultures throughout the world
this includes the UK, USA, Japan, Mexico, Argentina, Canada, Netherlands, Croatia, Cyprus,Norway, Ireland, Greece, Czech Republic, Hawaii, South Africa
now he want to share the deep awake state with you!

To know more about Tim or his idea etc in English,
please visit Tim's English web>>Tim Freke English web

Enticing Accommodation "Seisen-Ryo"

The retreat will be held at a beautiful retreat centre in the countryside outside Tokyo, surrounded by nature, forests and a creek, with views overlooking Mt Fuji and Yatsukatage

There are a range of rooms available, each one is designed to a high specification


See more photos of Seisen-Ryo>>>

Room types and prices

All prices are per person and included meals and tax for 3 nights for 4 days during the retreat. All rooms are no smoking.

  • Room Amenities (common to all rooms)
    bath towel / face towel / shampoo / hair rinse / body soap / hair dryer / tooth brush / tea sets / night wear for adults / slippers (except Japanese rooms) / baby bed (free to rent)

maisonettes style with two beds; new lodge/sold out

C62,000 JPY per personsharing with 2 persons
maisonettes style

A stairway connects the first-floor living room with the bedroom and bath on the second floor. On a sunny day, you will be able to see beautiful mountains from the wood deck on the first floor. The bath, washbasin and toilet are in the room.

japanese style with living room; new lodge

D62,000JPY per personsharing with 2 persons
E51,000JPY per personsharing with 3 persons
E47,000JPY per personsharing with 4 persons
E43,000JPY per personsharing with 5 persons
japanese style with living room

Spacious living room with Japanese tatami mat bedroom (straw-mat floor). Guests can feel at home in this traditional style room that offers a calm mood overlooking the forest. The bath, wash basin and toilet are in the room.

western style with living room; new lodge/1 room left

F64,000JPY per personsharing with 2 persons
F55,000JPY per personsharing with 3 persons
F50,000JPY per personsharing with 4 persons
Western style with living room

A high ceiling creates a sense of spaciousness. The living room on the southern side of the bedroom has a fireplace for a cozy atmosphere. Enjoy a relaxing vacation in this graceful suite overlooking the forest.The bath, wash basin and toilet are in the room.

western style with two beds; annex lodge/a few left

A60,000JPYfor the single occupancy
B48,000JPY per personsharing with 2 persons
Western style with two beds

The history of the Old Lodge dates back to 1938 and provides all guests with an 'Old Lodge style feeling' while providing modern comforts. The bath, washbasin and toilet are in the room.

western style with two beds/a few left

H46,000JPYfor the single occupancy
I39,000JPY per personsharing with 2 persons
Western style with two beds

The history of the Old Lodge dates back to 1938 and provides all guests with an 'Old Lodge style feeling' while providing modern comforts. Shared bath, wash basin and toilet.

japanese style

G36,000JPY per personsharing with 3 up to 5 persons
japanese style

Japanese style room with tatami mat with futon.  
Shared bath, wash basin and toilet.

meals during the retreat

 full of fresh vegetables

Each of their creative dishes is home-style and natural, with abundant local flavors of healthy ingredients. With influences from both Western and Japanese styles, the “Yamanashi cuisine” buffet is sure to please everyone. Pudding made from Jersey milk and other desserts are also popular.

Lunch is a western menu such as pasta and stew
Dinner is a various appetizer and dessert buffet and meat or fish dishes for the main dish

Meals begin with dinner on Thursday, April 18, and end with lunch on Sunday, April 21, and include breakfast, lunch, and dinner

※Please let us know for the special meal requests such as vegetarian or food allergy in advance. There would be an additional fee for the vegetarian meals.

additional fee for the vegetarian meals2,600JPY(tax included)
additional fee for only vegetables and seafood/fish1,500JPY(tax included)


The spa “Seisen-no-yu” is the common bath space with a indoor hot bath tub and a outdoor hot bath tub, and has the shower facilities. The hot water is making use of the natural spring water from Mt.Yatsugatake. You can enjoy the view of the forest at the open-air common bath tab. If the sky is clear, you see the stars in the sky at night. The indoor common bath has a picture window. This common bath space is separated with the gender, female or male.

Seisen-no-yu Spa


Date: 18 Thursday - 21 Sunday April / 3 nights 4 days

The first day/18 Thursday

Reception: 13:45 ~14: 45
Orientation start: 14: 50
Retreat start: 15: 00

Once you arrive at Seisen-Ryo, please deposit your language at the reception of the New Lodge.
Register at the registration desk next to the reception between 13:45 - 14:45 (Seminar hall in New Lodge)

the last day/21 Sunday

Retreat will be finishing around 14:00
(After lunch, there will be closing session of the retreat.)

There will be a free mini-bus that brings you to the Kikyosato station.
You will be able to catch the train that leaves Kiyosato at 15:41.

Leave Kiyosato at 15:41 -> arrive in Kobuchizawa at 16:04 (JR Koumi-sen), leave Kobuchizawa at 16:36 (JR Azusa Express #26) ->arrive in Shinjyuku 18:34



3545 Kiyosato, Takane-cho, Hokuto-shi, Yamanashi-ken 407-0301

Phone: +81-551-48-2111

The nearest airport:
Tokyo Haneda or Narita international airport.
And take a public transportation.
If you are coming from abroad, you might need to stay the day before retreat starts and after the retreat end.

best connection

  • Thursday, 18 April
    eave Shinjuku at 11:30 (JR Azusa Express #13) -> arrive in Kobuchizawa at 13:25, leave Kobuchizawa at 13:29 (JR Koumi-sen for Komoro) -> arrive in Kiyosato 13:53

From Kiyosato station, there is a mini bus (free) to Seisen-Ryo.
It takes about 10 minutes to get to the destination.
Please get off in front of “Shinkan Front" (entrance to the New Lodge).
If you’d like to take a taxi, it costs about 1000 yen.
If you'd like to stay the day before or after the retreat starts, please let us know. (We will help you for the booking as well.)

access_timeChart seisen-ryo

access main_map_seisen-ryo

To participate the retreat, please send us the registration form>>>